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Turning Trash to Cash – Part II
Turning Trash to Cash – Part II

Turning Trash to Cash – Part II

March 29, 2017 10:46am

he making of the beads from discarded paper products – and creating useful and desired merchandise with them such as jewelry, purses, and other lovely items has greatly helped improve the financial wellbeing of the bead makers and merchandise creators. The bead makers and merchandise creators are often times women who have little or no marketable skills. This work offers them a way forward.

In addition to offering the dignity of work, the opportunity to work as part of a team and to use their creativity are other benefits realized by the workers.  It offers an opportunity to earn a living which can help them support themselves and their families.

Beads and bead products were first made and sold to local markets  and to tourists.  A number of nonprofit organizations has helped bead makers establish markets outside their immediate communities – in Europe and the United States.  This helped create a larger market for the beads and the bead products. The Ladies of Mirembe (Peace) Beads in Kampala, for example, are one of the suppliers of bead and bead products for the St. Kizito Foundations’ fund raising efforts.

There are always African bead products available for purchase (or for a donation) at St. Kizito Foundation events.  Some purchasers of the beads have shared they use the beads to remind them to remember and to pray for the African students and workers who serve the St. Kizito Foundation.  So, the next time you are at a St. Kizito Foundation event – please take a few minutes and browse the selection of African bead products.  Take time to appreciate the considerable work that went into procuring the raw materials (discarded paper products), the tedious labor to make the beads, and the wonderful creativity used to create the end products.

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